This application will enable people to donate "Venmo-style" to non-profits from their mobile devices in less than 10 seconds. The platform will act as a digital wallet, simplifying the giving process, as well as tracking donations, storing receipts for 501c3 donations, and notifying recipients of honorary/memorial gifts. The platform will also have a social media component, allowing each user to create a personal profile containing their favored organizations and causes. As an example, this would make it simple for others to easily identify and make a donation "gift" of $10 to a friend’s favorite charity on their birthday. Let’s knock down barriers to giving and make cumbersome processes a thing of the past.


People are aggravated by the entire giving process. As a result, charitable giving in the US is limited because it is inconvenient and time consuming. People don’t give as much as or as many times as they otherwise would if the giving process was quick and convenient.

What it does

It would be one of the only end to end solution for donors to seamlessly give to, track, discover, and communicate with charitable organizations. it is a platform where individuals can donate (in honor of themselves or others) instantly from their mobile devices. The Company’s fast, convenient, and connected interface leverages proven mobile payment methods to make donating simple and intuitive.

How we built it

We built it using a framework called Ionic. We chose Ionic because it allowed us to quickly develop the solution and test it on many platforms. Ionic is written in Web Application-based languages, but allows for an easy port to both iOS and Android native apps.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We made a very clean app with surprisingly few major setbacks. What we are most proud of is that this app can have an extremely positive impact on society.

What we learned

We learned how to use the Ionic framework extensively. We honed our web development, MongoDB, Angular.js, and finance processing API skills (thank you Nessie).

What's next

The team is looking forward to staying in touch despite being spread across the North American continent!

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