Use your voice to connect with the community. You are not alone. Join us to fight diabetes as we are always stronger together.

What it does (IMPACT)

Our application will benefit and empower people with diabetic at the same time. In the time of need, our clients, the patients will use their own voice to find urgent treatment based on voice recognition/key word. We will have a specific keyword that mark the urgency of the request.Our product will give patients access to the closest Emergency Room/health care professionals where these places have patients’ data which help doctors to act immediately or plan the treatment. Our product will also automatically inform family members or those who are listed as patient’s emergency contacts, for patients’ most updated status. As health is a long term journey, we will provide simple “preventive” options ranging from dietary selections and light exercise to glucose test result. All of these aim to ultimately improve patients’ quality of life and strengthen the community.

How we are going to build it (INNOVATION)

Using the principle of internet of things, we will have a voice recognition tool to mark the patient’s conditions to help patients in urgent situation and connect them with the health care provider and patient’s emergency contact. The product will be the patient’s best friend, it will detect drugs and optionally remind the patient to take them as per set schedule. Patients can have an updated stocks of their fridge. Voice activated apps will detect food ingredients and the apps can suggest certain meals from available food in user’s fridge. We will provide others option for meals where user’s can go to diabetic friendly restaurants or order online. These restaurants are part of our community support network as well as the health care providers.

Challenges we ran into (SUSTAINABILITY)

Focusing on providing needs of our clients, we will promote community engagement in our products and make this theirs too. By connecting the demand and supply related to diabetic, we believe we can generate revenue through ads and/or from sales percentage of our suppliers (such as but not limited to pharmacy, health care providers, restaurant owners, transportation providers). We plan to build this in several stages. At the first stage, we want to test our “back bone” product to real customers and build a prototype based on their experiences. We will then test the prototype to larger clients and selective stakeholders to build the final product of stage 1. The next stage, we plan to enlarge our potential clients and stakeholders, and bring the product for global use as a tool to implement Sustainable Development Goals #3: Healthy Live and Wellbeing and to promote prevention to reduce diabetes worldwide.


Even though we aim high, our idea is simple and doable. We will build the product by stages and conducting series of experiments to test our products with real customers. Building a voice activated technology is feasible as many before us have done it, however, we also offer to connect the dots - patients with their support system. We aim to facilitate the demand and supply in fighting and prevention to reduce diabetes, while focusing on our user’s needs. Our output will be used in mobile phones and we will make sure that it is light but comprehensive to meet our users’ needs. Our outcome will be building the habit of patients with diabetic to continue the suggested lifestyle while building a stronger community. As for impact, we aim to contribute to the implementation of sustainable development goal, focusing on health by starting with the local communities and generating knowledge to bring it to the global platform.


We believe we have the skills ready to start the first stage of building our product. Linggih Saputro is a graduate student in bioinformatics and computational biology in University of South Florida. He earned his bachelor degree in chemistry and a programmer by learning. Hiasinta Lestari has over 10 years experience in project management, financial analysis, and research. She is pursuing a Master of International Affairs’ Degree focusing on economic and political development at Columbia University. Linggih and Hiasinta are Fulbright scholars and startup enthusiasts. Applying the Lean Startup method, Linggih and Hiasinta meet regularly in virtual world to brainstorm ideas and doing preliminary research together for this proposal. We have interviewed and talked to several people to get their insights and plan to talk to more people. Linggih will lead in building the backbone products and prototype while Hiasinta doing market research and visualization.

What's next for Giving voice to save lives: diabetes care support (FUNDING)

We like to start small but always aim for growth. At the moment, we use our own resources to conduct preliminary research and interviews. We use our extensive Fulbright scholar network which enable us to have access to students and alumni who are expert in the fields. As graduate students in two different States in the U.S. we shared our living experiences, courses materials, and our little research of people’s behaviour to build a community support network for our plan. We receive support from our peers in our schools as well.

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