This app was inspired by the growing effective altruism movement, that aims to combine altruism with evidence to produce the most good in the world. The philosopher Toby Ord once made the point that by donating to effective charities, you can make a significant difference to a person's life for the same cost as a cup of coffee. However, whilst it's easy and effortless to buy a cup of coffee, the same is not true for donations. Before GiveNow, if I wanted to donate $3 to Evidence Action instead of buying a Starbucks drink, I would have to go find my laptop, find a credit card, and fill out multiple forms. With GiveNow, I can donate to Evidence Action from my phone with just a few clicks.

With the help of Dwolla, GiveNow allows for instant donations under $10 with no transaction fees to the three charities considered by the charity evaluator GiveWell to be the most effective giving opportunities in the world.

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