Stand Apart: Together At Home

The Covid19 world pandemic has changed life as we know it. With much of the world social distancing, we are called to distance, but not isolate. It’s difficult to avoid the negative effects of social distancing when we can no longer visit friends and family or go to cultural events like concerts, festivals, and theatre. Behind closed doors we are still social beings; we need to experience each other. Sharing culture is what makes us human.

Give On LIVE! takes immediate action by partnering with one interactive medium, available to everyone with internet connection: LIVEStream. Live-streaming is already the new norm, and we have given it a new home. Our mission is to gather livestream content in ONE place. A portal that fosters connection between humans. The ultimate interactive stage where we can share culture without borders.

Host a LIVEstream or Share your favorite LIVEstream Creator. Post an event on the calendar and share with the world. Give On Live is the guide to discovering, hosting, and playing through virtual social connection that makes us human. We may be called to stand apart for now, but through Give On LIVE, we can be UNITED through LIVEstream.

#GetLIVE & #GiveLIVE

Stand Apart: Together Your Livestream Guide


How can people within communities support each other, and jointly work towards reaching a balanced day?

GiveOnLIVE; a platform building a robust database of livestream resources, plans to transparently and fairly recommend content and host to viewers for the purpose of wellbeing and balance. Each unique viewer has their own individual needs to stay balanced in quarantine. Our hypothesis was that we could make accurate suggestions based on case studies of healthy humans in district categories age, gender, tax bracket, etc... Our challenge was to determine can we build an algorithm with data that contrasts against “ideal” balance of interactive experiences for wellbeing and the new alternative ones offered by our platform in crisis and physical distancing times.


We are building an application that facilitates the connection and matching between viewers that need engagement in certain areas and creators that can share their talents or resources LIVE!

Interest can be chosen as a profile setting, but the solution allows for interoperability and exchange between LIVEViewers. Viewers can also join cluster based groups. Matching of emotional needs and specific events or Live Hosts/Creators will be improved over time through Machine Learning, and takes into account various input factors based on voice and text recognition.

Once the match is found and a community member helps complete a LIVE, the user can reward the creator by giving them "LIVE Time". LIVE Times are rewarded through a system that is modeled on the concept of mutual credit, to encourage a mentality of paying it forward.

What it does

The GetLIVE algorithm will lead individuals to follow daily content consumption leading to optimal emotional balance. It will also match users by interests and profile encouraging creation of specialty groups. Event categories like Mind, Body, Soul, Covid-19, etc will be further separated into emotional clusters when processing needs or unique viewers and filling their “Discover” space.

#GetPhysical, #GetThinking, #GetLaughs #GetLove #GetSkills #GetFaith #GetMusic #Concerts&Festivals

Our Impact

Our solution aims to mobilize human engagement, encourage wellness and provide insight into the needs of unique viewers. A safe home for livestream creators our AI matching algorithm encourages direct exchange of community members through #GetLIVE & #GiveLIVE Challenges by created by viewers, creators, and sponsors. Through gamification and non-monetary exchange of rewards, we aim to maintain and even increase the motivation of viewers and creators, creating an interactive giving culture. This is further strengthened through mechanisms for recognition and reward. When it comes to long term impact, we hope to obtain analytics related to SDG Action to improve long term acts within social impact projects, and further encourage proximity and transparency between online marketers and viewers. Jack Dorsey, of Twitter, recently stated in a public event, “There is a clear need for transparency and fairness in the algorithms we create.”

Some of the impacts we will track within the communities using our platform:

  • Impact on the content choice and sentiment of viewers
  • Impact on the unemployment rate
  • Impact on mental illness cases
  • Impact on behavior and balance from machine learning AI recommendations A detailed infrastructure and research strategy drafted in submission report.

Our Progress

We started with a Google Form, Public Calendar and a Dream; Bring hope into every home by sharing free resources in ONE easy to navigate guide.

The GLOBAL HACK - April 2020 During the Global Hack we gathered a small rockstar team and built out a simple front-end combining the Google Form and Google Calendar. We built on Wordpress and followed a theme with all the functions of a live streaming platform like YouTube. We kept it very simple, with a home landing page with categories, the full calendar, and submit form. We began recruiting LIVEAdmins to directly input new events following our community rules of engagement.

The DATA BIO HACK - April 2020 We gathered physicists and data scientists to discover what data could tell us about what activities were available, how people were feeling, and a smart data-driven solution to recommend daily livestream to viewers we had never met. We scoured data sets and created the “Senti-me” aggregator. Using an API over Twitter we triggered collection of key words and posts. Thus we were able to gather, compare and analyze the sentiment of humans in different regions (IP addresses) This helped us to start forming our persona Thomas, an out of work creator and Tara Rose an exchange student living in the heart of the outbreak, Milano, Italy.

The EuVSVirus HACK - April 2020 We have built a mobile app for Android and IOS This has direct integration into the Google Calendar. Users can search the many listings and add to their personal agenda. There is an option to watch “Featured Daily” selections directly from the site. This will be connected to a smart bot, that uses data sets and sociology AI to recommend a curated daily agenda for viewers #MyPandemicSurvivalGuide. Also an option for “Daily Livestream” to an email with the pick of the day.

The Global AI Hackathon - April-May 2020 We have engaged in intensive research of various data sets, sentiment analysis and determined ways to use APIs to build our GetLIVE Wellness Algorithm. We had to pivot from our hypothesis and categories based on types of event to emotions critical to wellness. This allowed us to create more feasible data analysis and integrate into our recommender system. Our global team of scientists and design thinkers had helped to identify the direction for gaining a foundation of data through a beta mobile launch of users in our target and diverse profiles.

World Hackathon Day - Under submission and HERE

S.O.S. Hackathon - We continue to polish our product and consider decentralized framework and opening up payment rails. We are in process of adding direct donations and payments using not only FIAT through merchant partners, but also our own custom made cryptocurrency peer to peer transfers. We have won Best Woman Led Project in this hackathon. Thank you S.O.S. Hackathon and great mentors from Ethereum Foundation.

Raise-Up Buildathon- July 2020 We begin to consider challenges and scaling including ways to make our database of LIVE content available to viewers with disabilities. We have integrated Alexa Skills so that content in the LIVEstream library can be searchable with voice. We have also added a chat bot to guide audiences to the content they seek. Our research team has compiled Cultural Institutions and City Virtual tours on the Web. We plan to reach out to these institutions directly. They will be able to access their profiles, creat events, and accept donations and ticket sales. This is possible through the Events Calendar plug-in w have installed. Thank you Modern Tribe ( Creator of the software). Our AWS account has details of Alexa Skills, Lex for chatbot, and Amazon Pay integration. Thank you Amazon!

How we built it

We started with a simple Google Form & Calendar, and added a front-end website built on Wordpress. We began recruiting LIVEAdmins to add events to the calendar and recruit users to niche FB groups related to different categories. We built a back-end aggregator to scrape events off posts on Twitter to start. These events integrate directly to the public Google Calendar and pass through a moderation portal where admins can have access to push to the system or not. This will soon be integrated into a Hyperledger, Sawtooth blockchain infrastructure to allow for decentralized storage of database content. For admins we will make a streamline way to submit livestream recommendations though desktops and and app integratable bots to their own calendar, eventbrite, instagram and youtube accounts.


There are endless resources and we need a scalable method to make sure content is appropriate. As we grow the host creator community we will also be challenged by maintaining an open governance that adheres to the rules of engagement. Getting started configuring the web server was challenging. Integrating the different tech and plugins took time and strain. We had to deal with bugs. We were also working on various time zones, so team collaboration challenges. Very grateful to mentors and slack that helped us coordinate all. Customizing features with google integration was limited to google style. We need to consider if we will keep these color and style limitations or later build from scratch. There are many benefits with so many users on google to keep as is, we are analyzing financial of labor and upkeep for staying in Google or customizing a new solution. Each step of the way we are integrating more sophisticated technology to deal with infrastructure, Blockchain, and for recommendations, wellness and ethics, AI & Machine Learning.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

In 24 days we have been able to go from One person on a mission to 5 Leads to 35 Mission Members.

What we learned

Livestream content, Zoom group webinars and other platforms can take time for viewers to get used to. Both hosts and participants have a learning curve to accessing content. We understand limitations and want to also embed an easy way for guide subscribers to access their livestream from GiveLIVE! app or links from personal google calendar.

What's next for Give On Live

Give, Grow, and Build. We are excited to enter various Hackathons and continue to add value to the community with more features and most importantly the interactive livestream content society needs to stay uplifted in this critical time.

1) Keep filling the now LIVE and PUBLIC resource by recruiting more ambassadors, admins, and tech web scrapers to fill the calendar. Our goal is to have an offering of hope every hour in every cluster.

2) Prepare for beta group for Mobile App Pre-Launch. Integrate various games and incentives to acquire the data sets needed to feed our AI & Machine learning GetLIVE Algo

3) In synchrony with the beta launch, continue with customer validation surveys and focus groups to refine UI/UX and AI functions.

4) Launch Mobile App and seek partnerships for specialized subscription based services like conferencing, VR and immersive experiences to continually enhance and meet viewers needs.

As we work to complete the database architecture MVP, we are satisfied in our results and Mobile App. Through continued research we are confident to create a machine learning GetLIVE! algorithm that will fully integrate with the GiveLIVE interface and content database. We plan to continue collecting data points on emotions, geographies, profiles, and historical wellness case studies to make our GetLIVE Algo even smarter. In a time when the entire world is in desperate need for engagement and relief of dangerous mental health triggers like depression, anxiety and loneliness we are determined to offer this solution. As we seek greater understanding of crisis situations, we know for certain the only cure belongs back to the basics of humanity. GetLIVE Algo, through the GiveLIVE platform will guide viewers at home to #GetPhysical, #GetThinking, #GetLaughs, #GetLove, #GetSkills, & #GetFaith. Together At Home, we will take a stand against Covid19.

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