Communicating and fulfilling community service needs can be difficult for non-profit organizations.

What it does

Empowering organizations to communicate needs quickly. Connecting volunteers and donors to organizations most relevant in their communities. GiveHub is a place for organizations to post their needs, individuals or donors to search those needs, and an API developers can use to track everything and analyze data.

Charity organizations can upload an Excel sheet or CSV to post active needs on GiveHub. As individuals or donors give items, food, or time, organizations can check off their fulfilled needs. Over time and with more organizations submitting information, developers will be able to access the GiveHub API to analyze data or find trends.

How we built it

Ruby on Rails API MySql NodeJS + Express + Angular Google Maps API

Challenges we ran into

Time challenges and building a scalable API

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Came out of the hackathon with a product to demo

What we learned

48 hours is too short a time to make a full product!

What's next for GiveHub

Continue working on the API and expanding features

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