Most charity platforms use social media to promote giving. We flipped that around and integrated charitable donations into Twitter.

How it works

Tweet @ a charity signed up with us using a dollar amount and #GivingWithGiveHub. A ReTweet allows a friend to donate just as easily. Our NLP will tweet you a URL to donate at.

Example: Thanks @RedCross for all you do - I am #GivingWithGiveHub an amount of $27.

Challenges I ran into

Mobile compatibility, payment management, URL shortening

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

UI/UX, simplicity, Twitter integration.

What I learned

Front-end design, how to work with Twitter Streaming API, and websockets.

What's next for GiveHub (FoCoFoShoYoYoYo)

Simplicity of donation - remembering users/confirming transactions through wearables. Forming a strong social media presence and growing with charities.

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