We were inspired by Australian philosopher Peter Singer and his book on "The Life You Can Save" and his Effective Altruism movement. We wanted to maximize the impact of charity through a charity app. We wanted giving to become a habit by making the process intuitive and rewarding, and making sure that the impact was substantial and verifiable by doing the research on trusted organizations.

What it does

Our app lets users choose four global charitable causes they connect with most, narrowing their reach down to four organizations focusing on each cause. The user is able to see that their contributions will be spread equally among the four organizations, and they are able to see which organizations they are. The payment process is quick and easy, ensuring the user is motivated to repeat the process. The seamlessness of the process and friendly interface allows the user to focus on the emotionally impactful and rewarding experience of choosing something they care about and contributing to make a positive change.

How we built it

Mock-up was design in Figma with a selective color and illustration selection process. Front-end is created in Android Studio using Flutter and Dart which allows both Android and iOs access. Backend is graciously handled by Firebase.

Challenges we ran into

Lack of sleep and time constraints were our biggest challenges. For one of us, it's the first hackathon ever. Lastly, ensuring that the design is pixel-perfect took a lot of iterations.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud of the smooth and professional donation process with a fully functional backend.

What we learned

We learnt a ton of new things like effective mock-ups and Flutter.

What's next for GiveHero

Next on the list is better demonstration of donations impacts, more research and auto-payment.

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