The problem we are solving: UX for Crypto

We were inspired by some of the user experience frustrations with Metamask and the lack of micro-transactions. We wanted to be able to take a mobile first approach and avoid the clunky user experience of submitting a transaction with Metamask.

What it does: Donate Crypto to Charity

Give DApp allows you to scroll through pictures of adorable dogs or any content created by a charity, and click the GIVE button to easily and quickly donate $.25 cents to a charity.

How we built it: Built for Coinbase Wallet!

We used Figma as the design-focused platform for our UX and work collaboratively and export assets to our devs. GiveDApp is a decentralized app built with HTML5, CSS3, Javascript and connects to Ethereum using Coinbase Wallet, Trust Wallet, Metamask, or Brave. It is serverless and is entirely hosted on Github pages.

Challenges: Micro-transactions with State Channels

We found two options for handling micro-transactions with state channels to batch the micro-transactions: Celer and Connext. We ultimately chose Connext as they were available at 3 AM and their documentation was good.

Accomplishments: RAISED $1227 for charity!!!

We gained 37 followers in our facebook chat during the last 72 hours. Real users on Twitter users promised to donate ETH using our DApp.

What I learned

We learned about micro-transactions and state channels. We also learned that DApps should really be static client-side only web apps rather than client-server apps.

What's next for GiveDApp

We will complete the Connext integration. We will share the DApp in person with numerous people because we did begin with a mobile-first approach.

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