What is the problem we are trying to solve? Individuals and Companies have come together to help the community by giving away their solutions for free.

Current channels used are not helping the community discover them.

We want to become a discovery platform of the internet which connects the community

Why is discovery of such services a problem? Different blogs are publishing listicles showcasing such free services for the community. Example: Fortune Companies are sending across emails to their newsletter subscribers to help discovery of the free services Example:

Unfortunately, the reach of email blasts and listicle blogs is very limited

What are the use cases and geography we are identified? USE CASES SaaS companies providing their offering for free. Entertainment Portals giving premium content for free. Individuals providing hand sanitizers and masks for free. GEOGRAPHY Global - SaaS companies and Entertainment portals

If you like to contribute to the project please connect with us at navinkumargurnani@gmail.com City and Country - Individuals

What is the potential Impact of the solution? SaaS market: $141 Billion per year. We plan to impact for a period of atleast 3 months of free services. This is 25% of the yearly revenue or ~$35 Billion Entertainment Portals: Proxy is Netflix which generates $1.4 Million in a day. ~$125 Million in 90 Days Individuals: Difficult to estimate the dollar impact considering the fragmentation of the free offerings. We should look at the impact in terms on number of Corona cases stopped due to free offering of masks and sanitizers. This is our North Star metric as well Summary of Impact: ~$35 Billion in savings and Corona Virus comes to an end

What is the solution? Key is focus at this stage Listing of free services to improve discovery. Subscribe to get alert about a service based on your region and domain of interest. Submit your free service offering.

What are the next steps? Demand Generation

Supply Side Email Marketing - We will reach out to Fortune 5000 company CEOs to provide their offering for free for the community Demand Side Partnerships - Partner with other solutions around different use cases for Corona Virus.

Tech Stack and Scalability Backend: Node, MongoDB Frontend: HTML, CSS, JS Scalability: The solution can scale easily to 1 million users and would require free hosting as support

If you would like to contribute to the project in terms of UI or backend, please connect with me at navinkumargurnani@gmail.com

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