Curbing the effects of brain drain by retaining medical professionals and providing them funds. 5500 doctors and nurses in the UK are Nigeria trained.

Problems of :

  • Corruption of governments and big organisations for large infrastructure projects
  • Money sent to charities can be misused (For example, see World Vision scandal, who gave millions to terrorists. Oracle problem: how do we check the money sent is used for what it was planned?)


  • Lack of trust, opportunity of £665 million a year if charities provide evidence
  • Trust in charities has fallen from 6.7 out of 10 in 2014 to 5.7 in 2016 (2016 UK Fundraising)

What it does

Give Back makes sure that funds sent to charities are used properly:

  • They are not lost in overhead, useless meetings and cut the middle man
  • They are used for specifics projects that can be properly verified.

For example:

  • Providing healthcare insurance to a person who can be identified with their biometrics, secure authentication system
  • Big infrastructure project can be checked by GPS, secure satellite system

How we built it

Microsoft Azure Blockchain, Ethereum Smart contract on Solidity

Challenges we ran into

We are two software developers who wanted to focus on coding not business communication and presentation/pitch

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Business and technical architecture. Smart Contract.

What we learned

Mobile Money, Nigeria Health System, Nigeria Brain Drain, Charities, Microsoft Azure

What's next for GiveBack

Marketing SMS service development Meet the Nigerian doctors and nurse for network and get agreement with hospitals

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