we got the inspiration for this Web Service from our childhood experience, How when we were young our elder brother/Sister could pass on their textbooks when they where through with it to us and we would pass it to our younger The Cycle Continues

What it does

It a web Service Where people can come and Donate academic Materials,Money and Time for those that would like to give but have neither Money or Academic resource, they can donate their time in offering free tutorials to those in need of them

How I built it

It was build with Bootstrap, Html, Css and then my Team mate did the backend with PHP Had to use some of my pre-existing templates with difficult adjust meet because of time

Challenges I ran into

the Fact that neither me or my team mate met physical was quick challenging then the absence of light And working with a bad laptop were all tasking but the most challenging might the new skills i had to learn to complete the project

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

the near completion of the projects the fact that our web service would greatly improve the education sector in Nigeria makes me proud

What I learned

Increased knowledge of Bootstrap How to add Social media buttons to a website

What's next for GiveAcad

mass publicity to grain customers improvement of the site and lots more

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