It has been said that blockchain technology creates solutions in search of problems. We were inspired to make the Give xApp to apply blockchain solutions to real-world problems. Socially responsible investment and the 2030 UN SDGs have the potential to become multi-trillion dollar industries in the coming decade, and cryptocurrency donations are increasing exponentially. We seek to function as a conduit between crypto users who want to make tax-deductible donations and underfunded, community-led registered charitable organizations by creating a fast, simple, secure app for charitable giving.

What it does

The Give XRP xApp, in its initial incarnation, will be a dApp hosted in the XRP Ledger wallet Xumm. Registered 501(c)3 nonprofit partners who have gone through the secure wallet registration process will be listed within the app, and Xumm users will be able to donate their XRP by sending it directly to the wallets belonging to nonprofits. Following the donation, donors and nonprofit partners will automatically receive donation receipts containing the details of the donation (sourced from blockchain data) as well as (following the deployment of the XLS-20d NFT standard on the XRP Ledger) non-fungible tokens representing the donation.

How we built it

The app is coded in Javascript, using Node. Our initial deployment will be native to the XRP Ledger so learning the syntax and architecture of the XRP Ledger using the tutorials at was essential.

Challenges we ran into

This is a project with many moving parts- in addition to the basic frontend/backend/UI development, it is also essential to be fully compliant with tax and regulatory guidelines, which has required consultation with legal professionals, and finally the task of reaching out to nonprofits and convincing them to partner with us. Surprisingly, the third task is proving to be the most challenging- as it turns out, many nonprofits are still unfamiliar with the world of cryptocurrency donations, which leads to some hesitation.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

This project has the potential to leverage revolutionary technology in service to social good. In a historical moment where the human race is faced with enormous challenges on every front, it is a great honor to be working on something which will allow us to be of service.

What we learned

The stronger your network is, the stronger your project is! And, when faced with obstacles, don't give up. Break down large tasks into smaller parts, identify the next step, and start working on it instead of becoming paralyzed. The universe aligns itself with individuals who make bold leaps into the unknown.

What's next for Give XRP Charitable Crypto Donation App

After completing the prototype for our app, we will begin closed testing and finish the Xumm xApp registration process, which will allow us to begin accepting donations. The initial stages will function as a proof-of-concept test, following which we will both expand the range of nonprofit organizations we are working with and jump into expanding the app to include such tools as automated tax liability estimations, recurring donations using on-chain light smart contracts ("Hooks") and a user profile where NFTs and badges indicating past donations can be displayed.

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