Blind and Visually impaired people are faced daily with a number of difficult challenges which limit their mobility and independence. Simple things like knowing who are they talking to, locating a person they want to talk to at a party or networking event, reading ingredients or cooking instructions on a product packaging, or even reading a newspaper, working out the number of the approaching bus or even locating a bus stop or a platform on a train station.

The last significant developments in assistive technology for the blind and visually impaired were over 83 years ago when the guide dogs and white cane were introduced. There are currently approximately 300 million identified blind and visually impaired people across the globe, 50 million living in the US and Europe and over 2 million live in the UK.

Our solution is - GiveVision - software that powers any Android smart glasses that are equipped with a camera - and capable of turning it in to a guide for a blind person. GiveVision can capture the visual information around the user and adds functionality that enables smart glasses to recognise objects, text, products, signs, people, places and talk to the blind person through a bone-conducting headphone.

We have built and tested the proof of concept that has an accessible User Interface, can recognise banknotes, colours, product in the shop at a press of a button. We have completed an MVP and are currently in the Closed Beta stage organising a series of user trials.

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