Many students would assert that they do not know how to study. Indeed students often study constantly for hours on end. When they study they do not take adequate breaks to allow their minds to rest and “digest” the information they are reviewing. Taking breaks can also allow your body to stretch, move, and relax. Many students spend their breaks unproductively. Often students will surf the web or social media. Students may take too long for their break by doing other busy work as well. How can students study effectively by taking breaks that are productive and creative?


It’s hard for students to remember or know all the different ways they take a break. Our Alexa skill makes it easy for students to discover break activities that they enjoy doing. Our break activities try to be engaging, fun, and productive. Our skill reduces procrastination and increases focus by presenting user with engaging and focused break activities.


  • Random presents wi
  • Pick between break activities for an individual and break activities for groups

How it is build

Give Me A Break uses the Alexa Skills Kit to provide an engaging voice user experience. Google Firebase Cloud Functions drives the backend


  • Integrating Firebase Firestore with Firebase Cloud Functions to store data on break activities
  • Generating an abundant amount of break activities


  • Generate a sufficient amount of data for break activities
  • Building a prototype Amazon Alexa skill
  • Implemented backend on Firebase Cloud Functions service

Future of Give Me A Break

  • Add more break activities
    • Allow user to discover break activities based on duration ("Alexa, Give me a break for 10 minutes")
    • Allow user to discover break activities based on location (ex. Library, Dorm, Outdoors, etc.)
    • Give Me A Break sets a timer when user accepts an activity
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