Talking to the team at Give Light Foundation, we realized that the current process of adding new volunteers to the database is a very manual and painful process. We want to build a solution which is a delight for both the team at GLF and the volunteers who sign up!

What it does:

Revamp the volunteer registration and automate adding data to database which was not currently happening. Also added Facebook login to make it easier and faster for volunteers to sign up.

Top customer asks:

  1. Automate populating database with each volunteer sign up
  2. Limit interests selection by volunteers to top 3
  3. Next steps for volunteers: a. Add event management steps (read Restaurant Campaign) so that volunteers can get started easily b. Show a list of past events for inspiration

Challenges I ran into:

Deciding on the tech stack to use. We want to be sure that our solution can be easily adopted and maintained by the current developer.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

  1. Finding a team on the spot at hackathon with the same passion
  2. Understanding customer problem and getting on the same page as them
  3. Have a working solution deployed to production so the customer can integrate with their current platform asap

What I learned:

Project management: Customer empathy, how to communicate right with customers, presentation skills, Technology: React

What's next for Give Light Volunteer Registration project:

  1. Have account login for existing volunteers
  2. Add levels to volunteer profile: Beginner, Leader and Organizer
  3. Notifications for matched events
  4. Add Facebook user profile of volunteers to the Give Light Foundation page
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