With today's cutting-edge technology being widely available, disadvantaged people have yet to have access that empowers them. More than 20 million homeless people today have access to mobile phones provided by the government via the "Obama phone" program ( On top of having access to mobile phones with data and texting services, homeless people have greater access to their local libraries equipped with modern computers. We can help get them back on track in life using these widely available technologies!ologies!

What it does

Finds food pantries. More updates to come soon as we will list places of interest such as water fountains and religious institutions.

How we built it

HTML5, CSS3, Google Maps API, JS, JSON

Challenges we ran into

Google Maps API needed some tweaking. JSON vs. JSONp parsing took a while as well.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Google maps API implementation and JSON parsing of every single food pantry in the state of Missouri.

What we learned

Google Maps is immensely powerful!

What's next for Give Hope

Better Web/mobile app and a Twilio SMS program.

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