We wanted to make a web application that could be used for the social good, and also wanted to do something where we could utilize our love for design and enhance experience in that way. We realized that an application that encouraged charitable acts could serve such a purpose, and we also figured that a large reason why people don't donate even when they're willing to is because they don't always have a clear idea of how their donation is making an impact. Specifically, people are unsure how far their donation can go. There is a misconception that only large donations by wealthy individuals and organizations can make a difference. However, we've found that even small amounts can accumulate over time and go a long way to solve the pressing we are facing. Our application makes a difference by making it easy for people to understand and get excited about how much good they can do with far less money than they thought.

What it does

The main functionality of GiveGrow is that it allows users to designate a percentage of their weekly or annual income to put towards a donation fund and use that fund to "purchase" units of charity products/services. Examples include books for children in developing countries, natural disaster relief aid packages, and conservation funds. We encourage users to dedicate a small amount, money they wouldn't miss. We think users will be excited to see those small amounts of money build up over time. As soon as a user's donation fund reaches the minimum amount required to donate to the lowest-cost charities, they will be able to see exactly how far their money will go. A dashboard shows users their current balance, donation history, and the different donation categories. Within categories, users can see the actual goods/services their funds can buy, along with the information about the charity where their money would go.

How we built it

We built this web application using HTML, CSS, Javascript, and PHP. We used figma, dribbble, sketch, and paper and pencil to brainstorm design the layout and user experience. We created all of the illustrations and icons ourselves.

Challenges we ran into

This was a very design-driven project, and at times it was pretty challenging for front-end developers to implement the wireframes precisely. We definitely learned a lot about front-end design work. We also ran into challenges related to time, as we may have bit off more than we could chew with regards to functionality.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We think that we were successful in creating an appealing application that could be used for social good. We are proud of the design of some of our pages and the illustrations and icons created by our designers.

What we learned

We learned a lot about front-end design work.

What's next for Give Grow

We would love to implement a number of things that we didn't have time to this Hackathon, such as friending features and sharing options for causes, and to also keep track of long-term charity goals and track progress towards those goals. We want people to be able to work together to achieve charity goals, such as funding a student in a developing country, contributing to larger-scale rebuilding after natural disasters, and much more. Bringing people together to work towards a common goal would allow us to have a much bigger impact.

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