As high school girls who at first struggled to find like-minded people who love to code, we felt it was necessary to contribute part of our website to helping others like us who may not know where to start! We felt inspired to add a few motivational sections to our website because hilarious memes and engaging Youtubers were how we got our start and kept going. Additionally, the Thanksgiving theme of "Give Back Hacks" inspired the autumnal theme of our site and the turkey drawing that I [Isabel] drew.

What it does

Our website is meant to show our inspiration for coding as well as give back to the hacking community by listing our favorite coding Youtubers, coding sites, and coding memes. We have a slideshow that flips between our personal inspiration stories, as well as a wall for memes to hopefully entertain website viewers!

How we built it

We used Bootstrap and Visual Studio Code to make our website, and spent lots of time googling our questions to make our site as perfect as possible within the allotted time.

Challenges we ran into

Since this is the very first hackathon we're participating in and we're still beginners, we ran into the challenge of completing a project that would satisfy the theme while being manageable for us. We wanted to create something that would challenge us, but knew we had to be reasonable.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Samantha came up with the idea to personalize the site and add "fluffy unicorns" as a recurring character--the images helped glue everything together, which we are quite proud of! Additionally, we're proud of the self-made turkey drawing posted at the bottom of our website. We knew that we didn't want our website to end on a bland note, so the colorful turkey is definitely something we take pride in. We are most proud of the fact that we were able to create a decent website in such a short amount of time, something we doubted we could do before beginning this hackathon!

What we learned

We both learned a lot about Bootstrap and its near endless capabilities for website building, as well as plenty about slideshows--we had to tweak our card slideshow quite a bit before it worked the way we wanted it to. Additionally, our time spent fiddling with our website layout ensured that we learned a lot about website organization.

What's next for Gobble Gobble

We'd like to expand on the card slideshow idea--motion in general is something we'd love to add to Gobble Gobble! While we coded over Discord voice chat both of us expressed a deep desire to add self-made animations to the website. Not only would this make it much livelier, but it would make for an exciting coding experience! Anything from stars that shoot across the screen to drawings that follow your mouse would be the next step for Gobble Gobble.

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