Living in a world that is rapidly changing in terms of economical, social, and environmental factors, we decided to tackle a variety of environmental issues with the use of one idea. By promoting volunteering, recycling, reduced energy consumption, and lower carbon emission rates, this app is revolutionary when it comes to bettering the environment, as well as giving State Farm a step up over its competitors.     

What it does

 Give and Receive is a point system that adds on to what State Farm already has set in place, the Loyalty Rewards System. This mobile app encourages State Farm customers to make environmentally friendly decisions, allowing them to accumulate points which hold monetary benefits.

How we built it

 Our group constructed an interactive demo with the use of an app development software known as

Challenges we ran into

 Being our first hackathon, we came in knowing the challenges that lay ahead of us, but did not completely accept the difficulty till the task was presented in front of us. To counter the time constraints our team had to efficiently divide the work in order to ensure completion. While brainstorming we encountered instances where multiple ideas were pitched as once. Being a group of friends, we were able to engage in active listening combining the best characteristics of each individual idea.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

 This was a first time hackathon for most of our team members, and we are satisfied with both our work ethic and constructed app. 

What we learned

 Not only did we learn essentials needed for our product, but we came to understand the process of creating, developing, and presenting our ideas. 

What's next for Give and Receive

 Being given the opportunity to further pursue our endeavor, our team looks forward to engaging with State Farm to further develop our proposed idea. A stable and progressive company, such as State Farm, is an ideal platform for the ideas we bring forth. 

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