Three of our team members live in the Bay Area and watched as wildfires destroyed Napa Valley and Sonoma recently. Although we all live less than an hour away from the affected regions, we did not know how to help. A friend of Kira's happened to be a firefighter and while there was no place for him to see where his services could be used the most effectively, he simply drove his firetruck up to Napa and began trucking water into neighborhoods. This made it clear that in the aftermath of disasters, there is no central place to see what kind of help and supplies are needed where. So, we decided to build that.

What it does

Our website is a central location for both organizations and individuals to post what they need in the aftermath of disasters. These listed needs can be anything, ranging from food and water to volunteer construction workers. Essentially you go onto the site and choose a disaster that you want to support. Then you can choose to donate supplies or volunteer based on the needs posted by those who were affected. This is a centralized location for all organizations, because currently there are countless websites with dire needs but they are not getting what they need or what they could be getting because different organizations list their items on their specific sites only.

How we built it

We built this website using HTML, CSS and Javascript. We were all new to web development and the majority of the code written today was learned through w3schools. We were really proud we were able to link webpages to one another, as well as create all different aspects of a website, which included a home page, a login/registration page, and several other subpages. Although we were beginners to using these new languages, we felt we challenged ourselves appropriately and were able to create something great.

Challenges we ran into

Although we created a login/registration page, we were unable to gather this submitted user input into a file to be used/analyzed in the future. We found this part to be challenging and new for us and unfortunately did not have enough time to figure this part out. We also, unfortunately, did not have enough time to launch our website onto a server.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Three of the group members have never coded in Javascript, CSS or html before!! We're extremely proud of this site.

What we learned

Building a website isn't that hard!! Although there were challenges, we were pleasantly surprised with how far we got on our project.

What's next for Give and Get: Disaster Relief

We hope to launch our site on the web once we finish the login/registration applica

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