The long queues and rush in hospital pharmacy, billing section, and other relevant areas inspired us to develop such a product.

What it does

It helps patients admitted to a hospital make all necessary transactions that need to be done in a hospital hassle free. Most of the proceedings can be done via an app that we developed. And we call it "Hospii".

How I built it

We first designed all the necessary features that should be included. Then we started drawing and making rough sketches for UI and database. We finalized all the workflow and started to code.

Challenges I ran into

The product had many features included and we couldn't finish off one of the features completely.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We have a decent prototype developed within a few hours.

What I learned

We learned to look into a product in different angles.

What's next for Gitzberry

We want to research more on the product and parallely develop a more complex and better prototype.

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