Not wanting to deal with server maintenance during a Hackathon
Also the current state of a certain social media platform

What it does

Gitter utilizes GitHub as a social media server

How we built it

GitHub Actions to validate and automatically merge posts (PRs) from users
A C# terminal application to make the posts more accessible and engaging

Challenges we ran into

GitHub actions are confusing and difficult to test
Having to undo significant amounts of work
Gaps in documentation and API functionality

Accomplishments that we're proud of

It works!
It's also not terrible!
Opting to use the terminal instead of trying to design and create a GUI saved a large amount of time while also giving the Glitter client a nice aesthetic.

What we learned

Good documentation is a blessing from god
Typescript is a far better language than I thought it would be
How to manage Node projects and deal with broken dependencies
How GitHub Actions work and are built to be secure

What's next for Gitter

It is quite possibly the next Facebook

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