Guest Speaker Shantanu Kumar gave me some tips about starting out with learning APIs and HTTP requests. After doing some research on this, I saw github api used as an example in some tutorial videos and got the idea to make an application that scores your github repositories.

What it does

Our application fetches and compares your inputted repositories' stats with existing data sets and uses a formula to come up with a score.

How we built it

I used javascript, fetch API, CSS, html, express.js, and node to build it

Challenges we ran into

Halfway through, the csv file I was using was not responding to the fetch GET request, and it took me a very long to figure out a solution to this. However, I eventually learned that GET requests are for servers, so I have to host the csv file on a server to make it work.

Moreover, I don't have that much experience with CSS yet, so making it look good was a challenge, especially because whenever I applied certain styles to elements, they didn't behave as expected.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

I am proud that I was able to make a reliable scoring system for github repositories.

What we learned

I learned how GET/POST requests work and a little bit of express.js.

What's next for GitStar

planning to expand this project using kaggle api in the future so that it can use an expanded data set of github repos

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