We wanted to find a way for developers to make their own marketing: What could be better to wear for an interview ?

What it does

Gitshirt retrieve all the github user contribution and design a unique t-shirt.

How we built it

It interacts with multiple micro-services: stripe, printfull, github, nexmo, cloudinary and our own micro-services. It can be deployed using docker or each service at a time.

Challenges we ran into

Each service is simple. But the integration between multiple services can sometimes be tricky. Automation of the whole system, from the authentication to the automatic order of the shirt on Printful

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Have a working version after 24h. Survived the night without sleeping :P

What we learned

  • 2D Canvas with Golang
  • Improved our understanding of OAuth
  • Stripe integration
  • Improved the design and user experience But we didn't have enough time to improve our knowledge on certificates :D

What's next for gitshirt

  • Make containers secured with TLS and certificates
  • Deploy our micro-services on kubernetes
  • Register to hooks fro, printfull and stripe to improve customer experience
  • Allow gitshirt to work with Github Enterprise
  • Marketing
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