Part one - github allows to style users profile, and why not to put your resume there, right onto your account so it'll be instantly visible. Part two - more and more data are analysed by robots, why not to make resume in json format, robot-friendly.

What it does

publishes developer's resume in machine-readable json format and in human readable text format on github account/github profile so that both robots and people looking into account can see it.

How I built it

i'm using nodejs on backend to interact with github api and vuejs on frontend to build UI. and used opening API to parse resumes

Challenges I ran into

organize everything in usable way.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

going through all APIs of github and opening

What I learned

new github APIs quirks

What's next for gitresume

  • build well defined JSON schema to verify json resume against it.
  • make file which shows human-readable resume more stylish
  • improve usability
  • market and advertise solution to developers

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