People prepare their resumes to send to HR to apply for some position. Usually they are some files (doc, pdf), link to google doc, or linkedin account. It is usual process that all these resumes goes through ATS - automated tracking software, which parses resume and feeds it into internal CRM or alike. There are number of services suggesting creating ATS-friendly resume.

My approach is "robot-first resume". It aims to tech-savvy people first. Why not to store resume in JSON format (easily parsable) in GitHub. You'll have all so-loved GitHub functionality for editing it - branches, forks, pull-requests. You can give link to it, which can be inserted directly into robot parsing resume. You can hide repository and thus mark yourself as "not interested". Nobody will depend on LinkedIn as a source for resumes. Additional benefit is to be able to export your resume to any format (pdf, doc) according to template (you can grab one from existing or create your own, though this part is not yet implemented) so you'll have beautiful resume in matter of minutes.

So opensource resume should fit requirement of tech-savvy people who want to own fully their data

What it does

make machine readable open source resume right on git

How I built it

I created example resume in JSON format and put it into github I used VueJS to just grab this data and display in json and formatted view I created placeholders for future improvements (edit, login)

Challenges I ran into

I had only 3.5 hours, so need to decide , what to implement for demonstrating idea

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

What I learned

What's next for gitresume

creation and editing resume on behalf of user describing format of json with jsonschema

Built With

  • vuejs
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