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Manage the github events and notify the users

gitnotus Command Line Interface

gitnotus is a set of API's/tools written to manage github events. Event updates will be notified through web hooks.

The following are the core functionalities of the gitnotus CLI:

usage: gitnotus [-h] [-v]



Option Specification
addrepo add new repository
listinfo get all user and repo info
userinfo display user info
$ gitnotus addrepo -h
usage: gitnotus addrepo [-h] username reponame email

positional arguments:
  username    get the user name
  reponame    get the repository name
  email       get the email address

$ gitnotus listinfo -h
usage: gitnotus listinfo [-h]

$ gitnotus userinfo -h
usage: gitnotus userinfo [-h] username

positional arguments:
  username    get the user name


  • Make apache tomcat web server up and running
  • Make an public URl to post the hook
  • In local use to make an URL. Next two steps are required in case if you do not have an public domain
  • download and install ngrok
  • ./ngrok 8080
  • Add the webhook URL to the git repo
  • Start the webhook_handler to recieve json ./
  • Start the local smtp server on port 1025 using the following command 'python -m smtpd -n -c DebuggingServer localhost:1025' to send emails


Webhook POST Listener:

  • This module listens to the POST url which is hooked with the github api. And invoke mail api to send the notification

JSON Parser

  • This module the takes post request as JSON object and parse the commit/push information.
  • And it includes commit message, files added, deleted, modified etc.

Repo Maintainer

  • This module stores and maintains the user and repo information as a pickle file. This also can be maintained in YAML or JSON files
  • Every post request will be compared against this dictionary


gitnotus is licensed under MIT License. See LICENSE for full license text.

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