We wanted to create an app that spices up the way programmers date and meet online. The problem is that there is just no interesting platforms for people to match with other programmers and communicate in a fun way!

What it does

We aim to solve this problem by building a PWA(progressive web app) called GitLove that matches users that swipe right on each other and forces them to communicate with a catch: by running custom created Scheme code to be displayed/played on the other end. It's basically as if Snapchat, Tinder, and Scheme (a functional programming language) had a baby.

Snapchat x Tinder

We bring the fun of swiping into meeting new programmers, as well as the fun of communicating with endless possibilities of custom run code.

How We built it

We used Ionic React as our base to build an app that runs cleanly, responsively, and nicely on the phone and on the browser. We used Google's firebase's firestore to manage our user and messages data models.

Challenges We ran into

  • We had a lot of challenges debugging Google's firebase authentication and incorporating that smoothly with our components that is dependent on data
  • Getting the Scheme language incorporated and running on the user's machines
  • Implementing the edit profile page was new to me, and I ran into a few type issues
  • The animations were quite hard to implement

Accomplishments that We're proud of

  • Getting scheme to run in browser along with our own custom functions
  • We're proud of creating a SUPER fun app that is demoable and publishable. It's a novel idea and we're super glad that it's fun to use.

What We learned

  • We learned how to use Ionic components with React for the first time
  • We learned how to work as a team and stay up 24/7 :-)
  • We learned how to create an isolated runtime environment and then attached bindings to create Scheme APIs.

What's next for GitLove

Honestly release this full time
A wedding if our app happens to connect two lovebirds

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