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What it does

A mini RPG game that tells a story.


*** Story Game Spoiler Alert *** You wake up in a forest, not remembering anything. A magical red fairy-like thing appears in front of you. It tells you she'll guide you throughout the game and that her name is Scarlett. You go through the world solving puzzles. When you feel you are so close to escaping this world and returning home, Scarlett shows her true self. She was using you all this time!!!!! She needed someone to replace her position in this world so she could be free. She fights you to the death. If you win, you return home, and regain your memory. You remember that Scarlett was the friend you were trying to save in the first place, so you decide to go back and try saving her again. If you lose, you replace Scarlett as the guide and Scarlett escapes back to the real world. She regains her memory and realizes that her friend- you- is still inside that strange world. She regrets leaving you and goes back to the strange world to save you. The true end, or the happy end, is when you both escape the strange world.

How to use it

Use the arrow keys to move. To interact, press f or spacebar. Click to navigate through dialogue.

How I built it

We used Processing Java.

Challenges I ran into


Accomplishments that I'm proud of


What I learned


What's next for GitLitRed

Flesh out story and implement it in game.

Built With

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