Inspiration : We are in the century where one cannot hide his/her talent. So, our basic inspiration is the developers who are skilled and as they are not able to interact with other developers in the community easily, We are Providing a platform to them.

What it does : Here, we are taking important profiles of developer such as from github profiles( specifically for their past works) , stack overflow profile( for the questions they have answered), linkedIn( for their past achievements) through web scrapping. After that we would make them as a single powerful developer profile which will help to connect peers among whole world. After that the output will be a profile which will connect best developers, also it will be easy to take guidance and many more. We will also connect upwork profile for the project works, through this a complete developer profile will be made which can used by big companies to hire best persons.

How We built it: Basically, it is build in four different modules like Login module, User module, Admin module and Community module. We have created a platform which will first redirect us to login page followed by face-recognisation so as to validate the identity. After login it will redirect the user to its portal, where user has to add social media profile links. Now, user is ready to share his/her profile to the recruiters and the community.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of : As a developer we are mainly focused on the way we can reduce fake accounts on facebook. So, for that we have added face-recognisation which will restrict the users to one particular account. Another accomplishment that I'm proud of is that, We have developed a community of developers with their same area of interests.

What we learned : The main thing we have learned is How to develop a product which is useful for local community.

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