Although "Single-page coediting" wikipedia system indeed helped the community share the knowledge, it hasn't allowed many to voice their thoughts properly. On some topics, different persons have varying views which causes race condition to last edit the contents. On the other hand, Github has driven a significantly innovative way of mass-contributing, mainly using the git version tracking technology. Inspired by that, Gitki is envisioning a platform where the users can set their own namespaces in which to share their thoughts. All the changes are version tracked by git, and anyone can start from what others have written just like what people do at Github.

What it does

Provides grounds to share knowledge. You have your own dedicated space to suggest your idea. No single-page mass editing.

How I built it

Implemented abstraction over native git system, basically created git server and the web client.

Challenges I ran into

Used Google Cloud Platform's Firestore as Persistence storage layer. Took some time connecting the dots.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

First time integrating git with web technology.

What I learned

Sheer size of the plan.. not exactly suitable for a single-man team.

What's next for gitki

Implementing Pull Request kind of feature, also the diff and clone kinds of things.

Built With

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