Octogotcha powered by GitHug (Gulp, Jekyll, Pug, Sass, Particle, with AutoPrefixer & BrowserSync)

This project utilizes front-end technologies with the Particle Photon Board. The user is able to send or recieve a hug digitally. The project was intended to create an anti-harassment program for buddy-clients of the Particle Photon

System Preparation

To use this starter project, you'll need the following things installed on your machine.

  1. Jekyll - $ gem install jekyll
  2. NodeJS - use the installer.
  3. GulpJS - $ npm install -g gulp (mac users may need sudo)

Local Installation

  1. Clone this repo, or download it into a directory of your choice.
  2. Inside the directory, run npm install.


development mode

This will give you file watching, browser synchronisation, auto-rebuild, CSS injecting etc etc.

$ gulp


As this is just a Jekyll project, you can use any of the commands listed in their docs

Deploy with Gulp

You can easily deploy your site build to a gh-pages branch. First, follow the instructions at gulp-gh-pages to get your branch prepared for the deployment and to install the module. Then, in gulpfile.js you'll want to include something like the code below. gulp.src() needs to be the path to your final site folder, which by default will be _site. If you change the destination in your _config.yml file, be sure to reflect that in your gulpfile.

var deploy = require("gulp-gh-pages");

gulp.task("deploy", ["jekyll-build"], function () {
    return gulp.src("./_site/**/*")


The Octogotcha, powered by GitHug, is a program for buddy-clients with Particle Photon boards. The project is intended to send hugs digitally to people whom broadcast that they need a hug with digital signals. Hack Harassment is a coalition of organizations and individuals who share in the common goal of building a more inclusive and supportive online community. We are attempting to bridge the gap between the solace associated with breadboard testing and the bullying that can come attached in some cases.

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