As a developer I love coding.

As a developer, I hate finding bugs.

As a developer, I want to know what files in my codebase are fragile and likely to break.

What it does

Github HealthCheck looks at the commit history and gathers analytics on file changes including:

  • Change Frequency
  • Most Recent Change Data
  • Lines of Code Changed

Future iterations will include grouping files to learn which files are commonly edited together, and which groupings likely introduce complexity to the code base, based on new pairings fo files.

How I built it

I built the Proof-of-Concept using Angular 7, Highcharts, and the Github API

Challenges I ran into

Github Token Expiring unexpectedly (and ensuring I did not reach my request limit during development) Immutable objects modifying in different scopes (js)

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Generating a complete, usable, and insightful graph within the timeframe Connecting with friends and tackling challenges together

What I learned

How to use highcharts in an Angular2+ project and consume the Github API responsibly

What's next for Github HealthCheck

  • Machine Learning to classify commits as one of: new feature, improvement and bug
  • Distribution of git commits during the day, over the course of the week
  • Measuring Fork:Contributers ratio
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