Under the pressure of the brainstorming phase, one us remembered the pressures of making a resume. A thought that crossed their mind was how much time any employer is going to spend looking at the multitude of projects that the candidate has done. So, knowing they probably don't spend very long looking at Github repositories we decidedly thought of making a better way to showcase one's work. This makes it easier on the employer to gauge the skill of the programmer while learning more about them from their portfolio.

What it does

It showcases various projects the user has worked on. Specifically, it shows the final product in the form of a snapshot picture and attaches it to a title and a short description of the project. If they like the project they see, the employer can simply click on it to be redirected to the github page where they can view the technical design.

How We built it

We decided to try out something new and attempted to create the website using React and JavaScript, as well as Firebase for the back-end and CSS for the aesthetics (specifically styled-components). We broke up the project into small components for React and started by creating the individual image, title, and description for each repository, and then creating a grid component to align them. We then had to individually create the login and signup components with react-bootstrap, and ended it off with Firebase to create the back-end with user authentication and connecting to their individual github account.

Challenges We ran into

A majority of the team did not know how to use React or Firebase, and so it did become quite difficult to learn the advanced topics and implement them into our program. We also ran into quite a bit of trouble for the user authentication.

Accomplishments that We are proud of

We are quite proud of our ability to learn react quickly and create a very sleek design for the front-end.

What I learned

Firebase in depth, within 8 hours.

What's next for Github Gallery

One of the features we were planning was web page snapshoting, where the app will get captures of a website without the help from the user. Another feature was the github repo lookup, where the app would go through the users github repo and adds any important information to the showcase without the user having to type everything.

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