We use git everyday at out workplace. A lot of time is spent on calls in trying to figure out the latest status of each branch and which branch should we be merging with which. This tool will hopefully make that process visually joyful!

What it does

A repository management system loosely based on the git-flow branching model. Git-flow is a git branching and release management workflow that helps developers keep track of their software projects. Code development is isolated into different types of branches and the team can discuss and coordinate the merging of these branches as they are ready. It helps developing products that evolve in value increments. At the same time it makes it easy to keep track of contributions from the team.

GitFlows uses this model to make managing the project easy on your team. It gives you detailed stats about the progression of features on your branches. It presents all the discussions happening around your project with the proper context as the development moves ahead. Track your star performers and manage workloads to avoid developer burnouts within your team. While it uses the git-flow terminology to describe the project it is much more flexible than that and can adapt to other workflows just as easily.

GitFlows comes with 3 handy features:

Repo Management Board View

Helps you keep track of all branches and follow discussions about the development process.
The timeline mode shows your all commits, issues, pull requests, reviews and comments arranged in a neat branch-wise topical format.
The contributions mode shows a plot of all contributors and who has been committing how much. Communicate with devs working on specific feature directly from the view.
Repo Management Board View

Repo Planning Board View

A board view to visualize your project targets and goals.
Show the project history and plans in a smart calendar views. Use the nifty sorting, filtering and grouping features to highlight relevant information.
Assess developer workload and feature targets from a single window.
Repo Planning Board View

Branch History Item View

The most interesting asset of the package - it shows you branch history relative to your larger codebase.
The smart branch visualizing algorithm will lay out the history in an easy to understand manner so you can easily grasp which features originated from which branches.
Identify lagging branches to avoid merge conflict issues early. This single view can be a life-saver when preparing to make releases on a tight schedule.
Branch History Item View

How we built it

It's made with the javascript, vuejs, nodejs and integrated with and github through their APIs.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

I really liked the visuals created from the data. I've used it to understand some of my projects and it was something new.

What's next for GitFlows

  • Allowing support for repositories of bigger sizes.
  • Connect with GitLab.
  • The Github starts hitting the rate-limit soon. Sort this out soon.

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