• The idea behind GitFit was to help people making a positive change to their personal physical health. Many people dream of improving their lifestyle, however they may lack direction or need some guidance. GitFit satisfies this need by providing jogging routes that correspond to whatever information the user chooses to provide.

What it does

  • GitFit is a smartwatch-orientated application that's meant for people looking to get out and exercise. To use GitFit, a user can choose from a number of different metrics to use as inputs. From there, GitFit has the capability to design a jogging path for the user that helps them reach their desired goals, whether it be build muscle, develop endurance, and/or lose weight by burning calories.

How we built it

  • GitFit was built with the intention of becoming an online solution to help people run and jog more efficiently. As such, it was built with a foundation of html and javascript, while also integrating various APIs. These APIs are primarily from Google Maps, which are then seamlessly connected to provide a great service to its users.

Challenges we ran into

  • As three developers who specialize in the back-end of projects, we were forced to learn front-end development skills on the fly. This was primarily composed of us needing to improve our skills in html and javascript.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • The development team behind GitFit is most proud of our resilience against increased adversity. This includes the majority of our team having other commitments this weekend in the form of midterm examinations. Additionally, each and every member of the team had to learn essentially everything that they contributed to the project.

What we learned

  • As with all applications, a front-end is one of the most important components to a respectable product. We are proud of the fact that we came to Hack Western an extraordinarily low amount of experience in html, javascript, and API usage, but have since developed our skills and confidence in these areas to the point where we can build a viable product, such as GitFit.

What's next for GitFit

  1. Publish the application
  2. Further development/additional features
  3. Make available across multiple platforms
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