I am trying to teach myself JavaScript and need the experience.

What it does

Simple CLI (Command Line Interface) uses several Open Source NPM Modules to interface with a GitHub users profile and registries. Good for verifying a potential team mates registries.

How we built it

Relatively simple node.js CLI. Constructed with Sublime Text 3 and VS Code.

Challenges we ran into

Lousy installation of Node in a Ubuntu platform laptop. (problems with $Path). But started again from scratch with a Windows 10 Laptop with a fresh Node.js installation.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Actually getting something to work in Node.js in the second installation was a HUGE relief. I was about to give up on the whole process.

What we learned

Local vs Global instantiation of NPM Open Source Modules. Use of VS Code with its integrated Node.js debugger. Simple use of the GitHub API (without the use of Keys).

What's next for gitfinger

This could easily have error codes descriptions installed (403 etc) that could be explained with fine granularity to the user. With some development this could be used to populate a list of all of a users repos in order to generate/update an online webpage/software resume.

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