We were inspired to create Discord Bot based on our experiences in the first week of the MLH Pre-Fellowship.

Communicating in Discord was great for immediate quick communication with team members but then we'd have to crosspost information to the relevant GitHub issues and PRs .

This was time-consuming so we wondered if there was a reverse integration where we could post messages on Discord mentioning a specific issue or PR and then it would comment on GitHub for us. Thus we decided to create GitCord.

Often times, the performance and accessibility of a page is not paid much attention to, so we have integrated the Lighthouse feature, which lets you scan a website and receive scores using Lighthouse, through Discord itself!

We wanted to create an easy way to be able to analyse our favourite sites and access the technologies used by it. That's how we thought of implementing the tech scanner feature from Discord itself.

What it does

Lighthouse Integration - Scan a website and receive scores from a Lighthouse audit via our bot.

Tech Stack Scanner - Discover the technologies a website is using using our tech stack scanner thanks to our Wappalyzer integration.

Post Comments on GitHub Issues/PRs - Use GitCord bot to post on issues and PRs for you, notifying your team of the latest changes and keeping your repo up to date.

Post & Update Comments on GitHub Discussions - Our bot will make the process much smoother so you can concentrate on developing your awesome project. Use our update command to refresh your standup notes

GitHub Projects Integration - Our bot empowers you to create your GitHub Project through Discord and show its contents to your team with project & column creation and listing columns and cards.

How We Built It

Sponsor Technologies

Functional Technologies

Server Technologies

Developer Technologies

Accomplishments that we're proud of

What We Learned

Collaborating across Different Timezones Isn't a Barrier - We managed to work in async way very successfully thanks to our Pod Leader, Robbie's advice about overcommunicating.

Learning JavaScript

We all learned more about JavaScript and async/await by completing the project by working with APIs that required async JS to work. It was also our first time creating a Discord bot and working with the GitHub API (we used Octokit.js Rest wrappers) and we learned about multi-line template literals from a code review from our pod leader.

It was also the first time Damir had used JavaScript so he did an awesome job creating the Discord bot, creating his first Node server and installing it on a server and giving us detailed instructions so that his other teammates could follow it when we started working.

What's next for GitCord

Work on remaining issues marked v2 and invite contributors to contribute using the Contributing guide in our Readme

For more details: please read the Readme

Built With

  • .tech
  • autoprefixer
  • cockroachdb
  • discordapi
  • eslint
  • githubapi
  • lighthouse
  • linode
  • netlify
  • pm2
  • postcss
  • prettier
  • sequalize
  • wappalyzer
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