GitChallenge is a platform for gameifying open source contributions! Solve issues on projects in the language of your choice to earn GitMoney

We think you'll want to use GitChallenge because:

  • It helps you discover awesome open source projects

  • Offers an excellent oppurtunity to better your craft - debugging is the best way to understand how code fits together better

  • Contribute to the open source community and help propel awesome projects forward!

Built with:

GitChallenge used several open source projects:

  • Django
  • JQuery
  • Bootstrap 3.0
  • AngularJS
  • OAuth
  • Font Awesome
  • ScrollReveal.js

These projects are awesome. Check em out and contribute if you can!

Built by:

GitChallenge was built at PennApps 2014

Stay Floppy Friends

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