The Myo Armband is really cool. The project represents a more serious rendition of our project from MHacks, which really started as a joke: "Everyone needs a Walmart locator, what if we could just point and know if Walmart was x feet in that direction?" Where's Wally was born, twin puns. We did not finish or have the opportunity to present as none of us had ever developed software, but we decided to try again here, and actually learned a great deal about Android development.

What it does

The App compares the user's orientation to the Myo armband to calculate the Myo's Y Euler coordinate compared to the location the user wants to travel to, the destination. Using haptic feedback, we pulse the armband until the myo points to the location, telling the user exactly where to travel.

How We built it

Android studio and sugar.

Challenges we ran into

Android studio and sugar. The Myo and Esri dependencies had version conflicts which caused the app to crash.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Having two separate halves of a working app.

What we learned

android-studio lives a life unlike any beast in existance; lurking, stalking, ready to confound at every turn; and yet this monster's methods became clear: the abstraction cleared away exactly as we learned to implement it.

What's next for Git The Point

Hopefully we'll finish it even if we don't finish by presenting time.

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