Recruiters/Managers need stats/summary developer's Github activity. Although, Github has clean interface getting the important facts e.g. Owned Repos, Forked Repos, languages of Owned repos, Latest project that developer is working on is buried under the interface.

What it does

Provide stats/facts about the developer's Github account. Shows basic profile information (e.g Names, email, website etc) and complex information such as Number of owned repositories and forked.

How we built it

Use Github REST API with OAuth Token. React-Redux-ES6 with MongoDB under the hood. Postman to debug REST API calls.

Challenges we ran into

  • Github Rate Limiting. (Personal Token access is limited to few calls :( )
  • Fetching Complex Relational Data E.g Repo - Languages one to many relationship firing so many calls further worsens the Rate Limit hitting
  • Some summaries are hard to fetch e.g. Github doesn't provide a REST call for finding which repositories has user contributed to.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • We know Github REST API at back of the hand

What we learned

  • The API Wrappers out there needs more support for complex statistics.

What's next for Git Resume - Instant Git hub Summary for Recruiters

  • Fetch complex stats about Last repository commit made. Active project working on
  • Visuals charts for showing stats
  • PR for wrappers out there from what we build now.

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