• Having personal experiences struggling with finding great Open Source developers with similar interests, we decided to build our own platform to connect and help the OS community
  • Finding good mentors with projects to collaborate on can be difficult but it doesn't have to be when you can meet up and also be friends with them!

What it does

  • GitMeet finds all the cool projects from other awesome devs near you.
  • Put up your projects for others to find and we'll share it with the right people.
  • Looking for mentors or a cool project from a local? We'll share the most interesting projects in your feed!
  • Reach out to the developer with a list of all their public handles.
  • Send a personalized message introducing yourself to them.
  • Schedule a call to discuss your interests, collaborating, and making a friend!

How we built it

  • Datastax Astra
    • Deployed using Gcloud Datastax. Designed 4 relational tables using CQL and nodejs wrapper ORM for the same.
  • Cloud NLP API
    • To get the text summary for the readmes and the important phrases out of the text, so you don't have to go through it all :D
  • Serverless GCP
    • It was fun using a serverless stack for the project!
  • Github OAuth
  • ReactJS
  • CSS

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • Having a great time building it together ❤
  • Setting up and deploying APIs

What we learned

We used Datastax Astra for the first time and had an amazing time with their well-written documents.

What's next for Git Meet

We're planning to cleanup the code, cover our edge cases properly, and launch it on ProductHunt!

We registered for the GoDaddy best domain competition. The site should be up in a few hours as DNS can take a while to configure redirects, sorry :(

Thanks for reviewing our submission and I hope you like it!

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