We were all over at Aakash's house, jamming out on guitar hero, when his little brother walked in. "Wow you guys look stupid with those plastic guitars...". And we realized that he was right, everyone does look kinda stupid. "Why not play guitar hero with a real guitar?", exclaimed Aakash. And so Git-Hero was born!

Git-hero is an interactive and teaching game which allows users to interact with their browser and acoustic instrument. The game is meant to invoke a sense of attraction between the player and their instrument. It can be considered the “gateway” application for instrumentalists into their musical futures.

Git-hero may be a seemingly simple game yet, the theory behind the creation of this application are outstanding. Using Machine Learning and other theorems in harmonic signal conversions, the team created a chord/note recognition system (which is accurate approximately 60% of the time). For the game play, the percentage is more than enough however, for future use cases, there may be a need for a higher percentage.

We envision our algorithm doing two more things in the future: helping patients with Parkinon’s disease and help doctors do brain-related surgeries using the patients motor control on an acoustic instrument.

Parkinon’s disease is a disease that targets a persons nervous system and slowly causes bodily paralysis. One way to slow down this horrid timeline is by constantly having the outermost nerves interacting with other objects. If patients were to play Git-hero, they would (a) lessen the speed of their Parkinson’s disease expansion and (b) learn how to play an awesome instrument!

As for the brain-related surgeries part, this was inspired by a Youtube video which went viral in August 2014. A world renowned violinist had some motor problems which caused terrible shaking in his arms and his hands would constantly quiver while he played his violin (which lead to bad violin playing). The doctors performed a open-skull surgery on the man and had him play his violin until his hand was stable. This same concept could be applied (but a much lesser cost and higher usability). The percentage of accuracy must be improved before it is sent out to hospitals but with more test cases, this is definitely possible.

In short, Git-hero is not only a fun and educational game but it is also a tool to help patients with nervous and brain related problems across the world. The power that thousand dollar medical instruments once possessed are now in the hands of mere music instruments. It’s is quite an amazing thought.

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