A lot of relationships are founded by similar personalities. Positive people attract positive people, less positive people attract, well, you know. I wanted to create an easy to use service for people with similar personalities to be matched with one another!

What it does

Git Committed Today is a phone number you can text to get matched with possible partners based on your personality. Once you text Git Committed Today (323-775-9262), it will ask what your name is, what your gender is, and what gender you are interested in. Once those are answered, Git Committed Today will begin to ask random questions to you. Rather than your actual answers being stored, Git Committed Today will store the way you answer them. Using sentiment analysis, Git Committed Today will attempt to predict how positive or negative your personality is by assigning you a personality score. Once all those questions are answered, Git Committed Today will search through its database to find someone with the most similar personality score to you. From this, Git Committed Today will add you and the person it has chosen to a Conference Call, starting your blind date!

How I built it

I used an Express server to respond to all of the messages and store all of the information that users would send. I used the Twilio API to handle incoming text messages and send messages back to the users. Using Twilio I was able to pair two potential lovebirds through means of a conference call! I used MongoDB to store information regarding the various users along with their ultimate personality scores. I used Microsoft's Cognitive Services in order to determine the sentiment of each of the answers that users would send to Git Committed Today's questions. The sentiments from these questions would be what I would use to predict how positive or negative their personalities were.

Challenges I ran into

One of the biggest challenges I ran into was using Sentiment Analysis. I had never used Microsoft's Cognitive Services before, and navigating their API was definitely somewhat difficult as a beginner. However, through the help of the many Microsoft mentors, I was able to successfully utilize it within my application. Another one of my challenges was successfully arranging a conference call between two different numbers through Twilio. By referring to the many tutorials and guides from Twilio online, I was successfully able to create a connection between two numbers without either number calling the either.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

The accomplishment I am most proud of is developing an application that is able to combine two completely different technologies (Twilio and Cognitive Services) in order to create a cohesive and useful product. I did not expect to use these two things together, but looking back at Git Committed Today, I am very proud that I chose to.

What I learned

Through Hacktech 2017, I learned what the concept of sentiment analysis in text was, and its many applications in the real world. There are many reasons as to why determining the personality of someone based on what they say on the Internet, and using sentiments for a dating service is only scratching the surface.

What's Next for Git Committed Today

I think I plan to learn more about sentiment analysis in order to improve how answers to questions are rated in terms of positive or negative personality.

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