We are three lonely hackers on this planet who sat down to wonder--when did it all go wrong? After hours of customer research and diving deep into the relationships of other pennapps hackers, we realized that the problem lies within the long hours we spend coding away at our computers.

Our solution? An engaging relationship guru inside our favorite development tool, git.

What it does

In our new ground-breaking version control system, we incorporate bits of relationship wisdom which are guaranteed to salvage your dwindling relationships. We also enable you to take a selfie with every push, which is then texted to your loved ones.

Challenges I ran into

As three romantically unsuccessful hackers, we found it incredibly difficult to come up with sage advice for our users. Instead, we crowdsourced data from the smartest people in the industry. Our sources hail from some of the most successful companies, and our advice is backed by some of the most impressive VCs out there.

Due to the low level implementation of our project, we also had trouble incorporating Twilio correctly, which we believe is the core of any good product. So rather than wasting time in figuring out the complexities of sending REST calls using C, we built a small C wrapper around the functionality that we did from the Twilio python SDK.

What we learned

We learned a lot about how git works under the hood, and how bad we are at trying to be funny.

What's next for Git Committed

Now that we are able to help people stay in relationships, the next step is to introduce singles, so that they can git committed, and stay committed. The possibilities are endless. A few others we have in mind:

  • enable users to send cars to their loved ones before dates using Uber
  • automatically upload a log of all selfies in a Dropbox folder
  • Instead of relationships advice, allow the users to opt into pick up lines.
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