We love open source and we believe we can foster open source innovation and creativity by helping open source developers to earn money for their awesome work.

We're a web/mobile development firm from Montreal and everyday we use open source librairies/frameworks in our projects. From time to time, we raise issues to open source repos we're using because of bugs we encounter or new features we need. As a company, we need those changes fast and we have money to offer.

On the other hand, the awesome people who develop these open source projects are busy and need to work to be able to live. They can't only dedicate themselves to the project they love. Therefore, if they could easily receive money when resolving issues, it would encourage them to dedicate more time to their open source projects.

Everybody wins. The community wins because more issues are resolved faster. The developer wins because he can earn money which he totally deserves. The company wins because the because they get what they need faster and it improves the quality of the library they're using.

In the end, this will encourage more developers to spend more time in open source projects which will help other developers so that innovation is going to happen at a faster pace!

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