A GitHub Gist manager built using React JS


Gist Manager allows people to manage their Github Gists all from one place. This web app allows people to add, edit and delete Gists stored on their Github account.

Check out the live demo

Install and Running

NOTE! Use the latest version of Node, 4.x.x.

  1. cd gist-manager
  2. npm install
  3. npm start
  4. navigate to http://localhost:3000 in your browser of choice.

React by default

The project runs with React by default and hot replacement of changes to the modules. Currently it is on 0.14.3.

CSS Modules

CSS files loaded into components are locally scoped and you can point to class names with javascript. You can also compose classes together, also from other files. These are also hot loaded. Read more about them here.

To turn off CSS Modules remove it from the webpack.config.js file.

Babel and Linting

Both Node server and frontend code runs with Babel. And all of it is linted. With atom you install the linter package, then linter-eslint and linter-jscs. You are covered. Also run npm run eslint or npm run jscs to verify all files. I would recommend installing language-babel package too for syntax highlighting


With a beautify package installed in your editor it will also do that

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