Our inspiration came from the workshop we attended over the Esri GIS Mapping and Data Visualization APIs. We wanted to set out to create an interesting game utilizing, as well as learning from, the ins and outs of designing an application using the suite of resources provided to us.

What it does

Our project was meant to be an entertaining game where you pick an initial bank location and try to expand across the United States. You must be careful though, because you won't know which new banks will cost you money and which will make you rich. In the end if you expand to all of them without going below zero you win!

How we built it

We built the game using various web archives of data and the map visualization apis/libraries given by Esri.

Challenges we ran into

Initially we had trouble figuring out how to best use the software and overwhelming options provided to us by the APIs. After a while we all decided on a game and stuck with it to the end. Other than that we hit a few bumps with vague documentation/examples that were all eventually resolved.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We're proud to save we put a lot of hard work into our game both in passion and design. Although it may not solve the world's problems it was an amazing learning experience and we all look forward to applying what we've learned today later on in our careers.

What we learned

Collectively we learned the rigorous process of combing through stores of documentation, the best and safest ways to skim data off of websites, the benefits of using multiple threads, and ultimately the sheer magnitude of programming possibilities that can take place here at TAMUHack.

What's next for GIS Gamble

Infinity and beyond everyday for the future. We may go our separate ways during the semester but will all be traveling towards a better future not for just ourselves but for all of society around us.

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