Fireaware is an app provides general public for fire prediction and alert functions.

we provide the fire map that shows where has fires right now, along with it, there is twitter feeds for people to get the latest information.

here following is the prediction page that shows daily chance (in %) to catch fire.

the third is the educational page to give fire-related info.

the last is the setting for adjusting the chance % and info about fireaware

prediction part

the prediction algorithm is a logistic regression that uses fire historical data coming from NASA's satellite images system.

to run our prediction model, you'll need python3. In a terminal run python3

in the terminal, there will be printed the fire prediction percentages for some places we selected

data visualization part

This tool helps visualize past fire data (based on NASA's satellite images). A day and month can be selected in the query URL. The circle on the map are proportional to the file size. Their color represents the fire weather index.

run yarn in the main directory to install all the js dependencies

run yarn dev to launch a dev server

access http://localhost:8080/?day=3&month=5 for example

you can change the day and month URL param to view different data sets

this tool shows past fire on a given date. The circle size represents the size of the fire. The color of the circle shows the given fire weather index on that day. blue is for fwi < 5 green is for 5 < fwi < 10 yellow is for 10 < fwi < 20 orange is for 20 < fwi < 30 red is for fwi > 30

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