Girls Who Code wants to encourage people to learn how to use terminal and command line, which is essential to understanding the operations of the computer, and provides an introduction to commands in used cyber security. Our main object was to target girls specifically by implementing research on why women are sometimes deterred from going into computer science related fields, including factors, such as environment and colors.

What it does

This interactive website walks the user through simple commands via a story line, providing an introduction to Linux commands, and encouraging the users to learn more on their own- expanding their knowledge!

How we built it

We started with basic HTML, adding CSS and Javascript to it. The interactive story was implemented primarily using Javascript, with accompanying HTML. The art on the website was done both by hand and using stock free images.

Challenges we ran into

The terminal emulator for the website was difficult to find base code for and alter, but after hours of research it was successfully done. An actual simulation of a terminal that was isolated from the computer itself was originally going to be used, but after research, it was determined we could not do it without connecting the OS to the terminal, which we did not want to. As a team we decided to only use the emulator since typing in the wrong commands can lead to potentially bad things within the terminal itself, therefore eliminating the risk of something bad happening to the user's computer while they are using our website.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud of accomplishing this project in the twenty four hours we had. None of us had a lot of experience in HTML, CSS, and Javascript, so creating our website using these three languages is something we feel very accomplished about. Also, as women in computing fields, we are proud to be helping the effort to encourage and help people begin learning about computers and different things someone can do, even if it is a simple file listing or a complex game.

What we learned

Our coding skills have definitely improved, since we all came in with little to no experience in the chosen languages. By spending twenty four hours together, our skills with teamwork and time management have vastly improved.

What's next for Girls Who Hack

Our goal is to find a way to emulate the Windows command prompt, and go through a similar story line process as the terminal interactive story. We want to be able to introduce kids to both styles so they can learn the differences, and decide for themselves what they prefer.

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